The erectile dysfunction is a sexual malfunction that refers to the inability or the difficulty that is experienced by a man in the bid to maintain or to develop an erection of the penis during the sexual action. Basically a penile erection is an hydraulic effect created by blood that enters and gets retained in the sponge like tissues inside the penis.Whereby, this whole process is often initiated out of sexual arousal, that is when the respective signals are transfered or transmitted from the brain to the respective penile nerves. When such process is hindered due to some apparent reasons then such condition can be regarded as impotence. Impotence therefore is condition to which a male is unable to copulate or either get an erection.

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About Viagra (Sildenafil)

Viagra is the medicine for the effective treatment of erectile dysfunction. This erectile dysfunction is also known as man impotence. This medicine comes in the form of tablets having a blue color. People only take it before the sexual activity. Viagra help the man to get erection in sexually stimulated state. In other words, we can say that Viagra can be used by any person who has the problem of erectile dysfunction. Well, if we talk about the normal man ten you will come to know that his flow of blood increases in sexually excited state. His blood arteries become wide and relax that is why they allow more blood to pass through them. When the blood passes through the arteries of penis in great amount, the penis becomes hard and stiff. On the other side, if the man is suffering from erectile dysfunction then the flow of blood does not increase in the penis arteries and it does not become stiff.

The importance of an erected and hard penis is great in sexual activity. The infected person cannot keep erection for long time while a normal person can keep it. If a man who is suffering from erectile dysfunction takes it before the sexual intercourse then he can enjoy sex as a normal man can. The previous studies show that the use of Viagra improves the erection in more than 80 percent people. This shows the biggest achievement of Viagra. After taking Viagra you cannot get erection until you become sexually excited because for getting erection it is necessary that you are sexually excited. Some people think that Viagra is a hrodisiac or hormone that increases the blood flow. No, it is totally wrong. It is just a medicine that helps you to enjoy your sexual life.

Talking about the doses of Viagra you will get that it is available in 3 doses (50 mg, 25 mg and 100 mg). New people can start from a low dose but if they think that this dose is not giving them erection for long time then they can increase it according to the prescription of the doctor. Most of the doctors recommend using it for the treatment of ED but if it does not give you erection then you should talk to your doctor. Erectile dysfunction may not be severe but you can use Viagra for this state also.

The generic name of Viagra is Sildenafil citrate. It is available in almost every chemist shop with both names. If you do not find it any medical store then you have the option to buy it from online shops. They will give you Viagra with free home delivery. Viagra is quite safe to use. This medicine is used by more than 23 million people all around the world. If you will use it according to the prescription of your doctor then you can save yourself from many side effects due to the use of Viagra. Stop taking Viagra if you are taking nitrates for the chest pain.
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There may come a time in a man's life when he will no longer have the spunk of a 20 year old and that's okay. Today we have many ways to solve that issue and the name that comes to mind first and foremost is Viagra. The great thing about Viagra is that you don't have to walk in a store and feel odd or ashamed anymore. Now all you have to do is simply buy it online. But many men are not sure how it works. Well lets take a look at that. Viagra helps man by solving his erection issues by keeping them erect for sexual situations as well as helping form a harder erection. Viagra also boosts confidence and keeps a smile on their face for more then one reason. Now let's look at the overall effects of Viagra. It is one of the best impotence drugs in the world and millions of men purchase it online to better their sex drive but it does not cure the problem.

This will give you an erection but you must take it every time you have sex because there is no cure to date for this erection issue. The main ingredient in this little blue pill is sildenafil and is responsible for increased blood flow to the penis. Now lets go over why men buy Viagra online. Men do not like talking to a doctor about this issue face to face and with a simple online consultation men feel better about going this route. With today's option to purchase Viagra online there's no reason to ask a pharmacy. Along with not feeling odd this really is the best way.
Sexual encounters with a loving partner are the source of sexual gratification, the happiness of which cannot be compared to any other thing in the world. Mental stress, nutritional deficiencies, noise pollution and air pollution are the factors which act as the magnets for the horrible disease of erectile dysfunction. The horrific disease of impotence abolishes the pleasures of sexual contact. Pfizer, an extraordinary pharmaceutical company, has brought the ecstatic moments of sexual contact back into the lives of countless men, having erectile dysfunction, throughout the world through its highly demanded product Viagra, also known by the name of “blue pill” among men. Doctors all over the world agree that Viagra is the most effective drug available in the market for the treatment of impotence. The game of impotence becomes over when Viagra comes to combat it.