Causes and treatments of erectile dysfunction

The erectile dysfunction is a sexual malfunction that refers to the inability or the difficulty that is experienced by a man in the bid to maintain or to develop an erection of the penis during the sexual action. Basically a penile erection is an hydraulic effect created by blood that enters and gets retained in the sponge like tissues inside the penis.Whereby, this whole process is often initiated out of sexual arousal, that is when the respective signals are transfered or transmitted from the brain to the respective penile nerves. When such process is hindered due to some apparent reasons then such condition can be regarded as impotence. Impotence therefore is condition to which a male is unable to copulate or either get an erection.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that is however common to the older men, although it can as well affect the younger generation. It is a condition that is usually caused by some psychological or physical reasons, to which the psychological impotence is mainly due to the mental health of an individual, that affects his feelings or thoughts which include conditions of anxiety, depression or due to some relationship issues, whereby the physical causes are mainly due to physical conditions, diseases such as narrowing of the blood vessels that is mainly related to hypertension, high cholesterol or even diseases such as diabetes as well as conditions of hormonal problems and terminal injuries. Other physical causes of erectile dysfunction include:

1.deterioration of the arteries
3.excessive drinking
5.side effects of recreational drugs such as cocaine
6.Ineffective surgeries in the abdomen and particularly on the prostate gland.

Most people suffer in silence whenever they are faced with such conditions, given that it is usually regarded as an humiliating process. However it is very necessary to come out of the stigma and to go for the appropriate diagnosis in order to identify the main cause of your situation.Therefore once faced with such situation in would be convenient to visit a medical counselor,a therapist and even the doctor to help you champion the right course to your solution.

Once the course to your problem has been identified, then the relevant remedy or treatment can be rendered accordingly to which psychological impotence which in many at times seems less frequent do exhibit a strong response towards placebo treatment and may require some common sense advice to the affected or counselling to both the partners as well as psychotherapy which is designed according to the main cause of impotence. Furthermore, psychological induced erection aiding drugs can usually be rendered to act as a remedy in order to boost ones confidence or actions. Similarly these drugs can as well be of great significance to physical problems and therefore comprises of erection aiding oral drugs such as:

1.Viagra tablets also referred to as Sildenafil.
2.Cialis tablets known as Tadalafil.
3.Levitra tablets also known as Vardenaf.

Other remedial actions to that can as well be rendered to curb impotence include; Erection inducing agents such as injecting drugs into the penis as well as inserting some pellets into the urinary pipe.ln addition, vacuum pumps,external splints and rings and vibrators as well as surgery. Moreover in some situations it is of great common sense to quit drugs such as alcohol and smoking in order to gain back to your form.