It Is Love That Sustains Life

What do the poor and the rich, the educated and the illiterate and all of the human beings crave for? We all crave for love. Though commonly we may not recognize this, the fact remains that love is the basis of our existence. In all of our relationships be it between parents and children, spouse or friends, there is always a seeking and exchange of love in the form of vibrations. Love is what sustains us besides of course the physical elements of existence that are requisite for the format of life.

Spiritualists will tell you that love has many forms and colors. Every relationship has a different color and form of love. When we interact with nature, there is also a bond of love with all of the animals, plants and every living thing. Forgiveness and kindness too are but a form of love. With every breath of life, we take in love and are nourished by it. You may very well ask as to why there is so much of destruction, hatred and negativity in the world which is contradictory to the love that we are talking about. The cosmos and nature is but a play of duality and it is said that the satan is always trying to destroy love at every point of time. To love life is difficult because satan always tries to weave the web of negativity around us least we escape into the world of our creator.

Those who recognize and are sensitive to this interplay of love and negativity are able to contain negativity and not allow it to affect them. You do come across people who are so full of positive vibrations and love that you are automatically attracted to them and like to be in their presence always. This is because you are able to feel the love and positive vibrations that they are giving our and you are taking in.

The relationship between the couple is perhaps one of the most important relationships in our lives. Unlike that of parents and children where there is unconditional exchange of love and affection, in the case of couples a lot of effort is required to work towards building trust and nurturing the relationship at different stages in life. Each individual goes through his and lows in their life and these can affect the relationship as well. The only way to sail through the difficult stages and cement the bond between the husband and wife is to be able to recognize the importance of love and be committed to nurturing this aspect in the relationship.

One of the most critical and sensitive stages in life that many do not recognize is when they reach their fifties. Most often this is the time when the woman goes through menopause and the man goes through andropause. Coupled with these difficulties, the children happen to leave home and the couple face the empty nest syndrome. All of these challenges need to be managed carefully. Both the man and the woman need medical assistance to manage their bodily and psychological changes that they go through during this time. The reduction in the production of testosterone triggers psychological changes in the behavior such as anxiety, depression, fear etc. Therefore unless one is able to curtain these effects and work towards building a closer bond with the other partner, the couple can grow apart. Where there is love , respect, commitment and trust these physical changes and behavioral aspects cannot harm the relationship. Love can cement and help in growing old together.