When Men Can’t Talk, Women Can Act

Women are highly emotional as well as sensitive when compared to men. Men are naturally endowed with reason and logic. Women are ruled by emotions and feelings. Though men do have feelings and emotions, it is hidden and not dominant. Men are very emotional especially about their family and children. Some are very emotional about their friends and country as well. But then men are unable to show their emotions openly and tend to shy away. There are very few men who are able to face up to their emotional state of mind and look at things objectively.

The inability of men or lack of sensitivity in men to their emotional health can show up as behavioral problem. Many times, the wives notice a change in the mood or behavior of her man and understand that something is bothering him or that something is wrong. Though in the beginning of the relationship they may not know the man well enough, over a period of time, they are able to get to know the psyche of the person and then there comes a period when they do not need their men to voice their problems or concerns and just by looking at their behavior they can tell that something is wrong.

Often over a period of time, men can turn to be children and depend upon their wives totally. There are many cases where women have been able to sense things going wrong with their husbands and have managed to seek medical attention at the right time. As one gets older, the body begins to age and it is natural to expect that one will have medical problems. Sometimes the problems can be age related, lifestyle related or even stress related. Those who are not used to voicing their problems and emotions can bottle up and suffer from within. In cases like kidney or heart problems or diabetes and high blood pressure etc, it is important to seek medical intervention in time in order to control and avoid complications. In case the man is not a person who takes care of himself, then it is but natural for the wife to look out for changes in the man both physically as well as behaviorally and take suitable steps to address any problem.

One of the most common problems faced by men above forty is of erectile dysfunction. Male incompetence can arise out of any or many of the factors including physical, psychological, emotional or hormonal imbalance etc. Though occasional erectile dysfunction may be a natural phenomenon, it may be a sign of onset of some problem in the body or the mind. A wife who is vigilant can see the indications and check for underlying changes in behavior and emotions. Whatever be the cause, male impotence is something that should be diagnosed and treated medically. Male incompetence can affect a man’s ego very badly and rob him of his self esteem. If this were to happen to a man who is unable to voice his thoughts and feelings, then the problem can become a bigger enemy threatening his relationship. Wives who know their husbands well enough are in a better position to manage and salvage their relationship.